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Mid-Michigan Library League

Tech Support

How to use the services of the "Emergency Geek," Cory Walker

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Membership Benefit, FY20 (October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020)

The 36 member libraries of the Mid- Michigan Library League each have FOUR HOURS of technical support and/or technical consulting through the Emergency Geek, provided as a benefit of cooperative membership each fiscal year.

How to reap your benefit:

  1. Contact Cory Walker, “Emergency Geek” at 231-218-2241 or to set up an appointment.
  2. Cory will work with you on your issues and hopefully resolve any problems or advise you as to how they may be solved. He can help with troubleshooting and equipment part replacement as necessary.
  3. After your service, Cory will invoice your library at $30 per hour worked and you will receive the bill.
  4. You may send your invoice to the MMLL office in any way you like – mail, fax, or scan attached to email.
  5. MMLL will pay the invoice on your behalf up to $120 (4 hours). We will also cover mileage reimbursement for Cory to travel to your location.
  6. Mid-way through the year, we will let you all know how to donate your unused hours to other members that may have more need for them than you.
  7. Questions? Ask your MMLL Director, Sheryl Mase! ( 231- 775-3037)

Emergency Geek                                          
Cory Walker
720 N Mitchell St
Cadillac, Michigan
Call (231) 218-2241