Mid-Michigan Library League

Programming Options

A list of potential programs for public libraries
Programming Resources
Type of Program Name Website Email Phone 
Abuse Education My Body Belngs to Me http://storybetold.com
Adventure Narrative Christopher Hillier www.hillierhikes.com
Aging & Medical Issues Marie DeLand www.alz.org/mglc
Animal Program Mike Roberts mike@animalencounters.org
Animal Program Nelson www.theanimalguy.org
Author Aaron Stander aaronstander.com
Author Barbara VanderMolen www.discovermichigancountybycounty.com
Author Bev McBride https://facebook.com/beverly.mcbride2 bmcbride11@gmail.com
Author Bill Smith billosmith.com
Author Bob Downes http://robertdownes.com
Author Bob Morris bobrkm@yahoo.com
Author Chris Convissor http://chrisconvissor.com
Author Christopher Paul Curtis www.nobodybutcurtis.com
Author David Potter www.davidpotterbooks.com
Author Dianna Stampfler http://promotemichigan.com
Author Doc Fletcher http://canoeingmichiganrivers.com
Author Elizaeth Kane Buzzelli elizabethbuzzelli.com
Author Frank Slaughter http://www.frankpslaughter.com/
Author Frederick Stonehouse www.frederickstonehouse.com
Author Gary Schmidt childrens_publicity@hmhpub.com
Author Jake Smith jakesmithbooks.com
Author Jeff Smith becomingamish.net
Author John Kozak jkozakinc@aol.com (313)885-1999
Author John Wemlinger http://johnwemlinger.com
Author Julie Farkas (248)869-7233
Author Kristin Meekhof www.kristinmeekhof.com
Author Lawrence Johnson http://lawrenceearlejohnson.com
Author Mardi Link http://mardilink.com
Author Matt Faulkner www.mattfaulkner.com
Author Michael Dow http://darkmattersbook.com/author
Author Peg Herring pegherring.com
Author Ron Rademacher www.michiganbackroads.com
Author Ross Richardson www.michiganmysteries.com
Author Shenandoah Chefalo garbagebagsuitcase.com
Author Susan Hunter susanhunter607@gmail.com
Author Teresa Irish http://athousandlettershome.com
Author Thomas Alan Ebelt (989)345-9111
Author Tobin Buhk www.tobinbuhk.com
Author Tom Carr missionpointpress.com
Author Tony Daldin & Jim Edelman http://utrmichigan.com
Balloons Twister Joe (and his daughter Popper)  Joseph Koprpwicz juliewindstar@hotmail.com (989)732-2419
Comedy/Magic Joel Tacey www.librarylaughs.com
Concert Don Newman www.dynamicwest.com
Cooking Simply Delicious w/Chef Tom - Tom Sisco trsisco@gmial.com (231)263-7028
Cooking Renee Chodkowski www.greatfoodini.com
Craft-drawing Marjorie Goosen www.zentangle.com
Dance Northern Lights Dance Group Gena Dewey genadewey@gmail.com (231)779-9976
Duct Tape Makerspace Joel Tacey www.extremeducttape.net
Educational Drew Lathin www.creatingsustainablelandscapes.com
Educational Grand Traverse Astronomical Society Bob Moler http://gtastro.org/
Educational Kathleen Maraccio dkosh@msn.com (248)854-6163
Educational Michigan Paranormal Investigative Team Daniel Mackin daniel_mackin@hotmail.com
Educational Ryan Malloch www.ceteraadvisors.com
Educational Wings of Wonder Rebecca Lessard wow@wingsofwonder.org (231)326-4663
Educational Music Benjamin Gauthier www.benjaminsmusic.com
Exercise Don Newman www.dynamicwest.com
Face Painting The Painted Lady Face Art Lori Thompsom http://thepaintedladyfaceart.com (231)929-0436
Financial Colin Ryan www.colinryanspeaks.com
Folk Music Adam Miller www.folksinging.org
Food Deborah Lieder deborahlieder@aol.com (248)974-5696
Frisbee Brian Hayes www.flyingaces.com
Gardening/Health Heather Wysor heatherwysor@gmail.com (734)972-6247
Head Wrapping Zarinah El-Amin Naeem www.facebook.com/headwraps
Historian Joel Stone joels@detroithistorical.org
History Tim Puzzella tpuzella@vanburenschools.net
History & Photography Penny & Mike Messer www.pennysfromheavenllc.com
History -World War II Larry Martin http://lmww2.com
Holiday-Christmas Santa Jim Jordan northpolesanta1@hotmail.com (231)632-6600, (231)929-0436
Holiday-Halloween Lord of the Gourd Pumpkin Carving Pat Harrison patrick231@aol.com
Hoola Hoops Audria Larsen www.audacioushoops.com
How-To Matthew Kris www.mibrewsupply.com
Interactive Music Rick Kelley info@rklive.com
Interactive Theater Chad Patterson www.actingup.biz
Juggling & Baloon Twisting Clark Lewis www.facebook.com/clarklewisjuggling
Lecture Al & Dave Eicher www.program-source.com
Lecture Jay Follis jfollis640@gmail.com
Live Exotic Animals Don Newman www.dynamicwest.com
Live Farm Animals Don Newman www.dynamicwest.com
Live Theater Michelle Lanzi www.wildswantheater.org
Magic Bob Wigent www.zendormagic.com
Magic Don Newman www.dynamicwest.com
Magic Doug Scheer www.dougscheer.com
Magic Jeff Wawrzaszek www.a2magic.com
Maritime Historian James Spurr spurr@millercanfield.com
Michigan Interest & Trivia Mike Fornes www.lightfoottribute.com
Music Annie Sellick www.smokinsleddogrecords.com
Music Diana Ladio www.themoxiestrings.com
Music Elden Kelly www.smokinsleddogrecords.com
Music Jill Jack www.jilljack.com
Music John Latini www.smokinsleddogrecords.com
Music L.M. Liebler www.mlliebler.com
Music Lori Fithian www.drummunity.com
Music Michael Boxer & Laura Crosswait www.plainjaneglory.com
Music Mike Schneider www.pintsizepolkas.com
Music Miriam Pico (singer/songwriter) miriampicomusic@gmail.com
Music Peter Bergin www.berginmusic.com
Music Peter Deeneed (bagpiper) (231)947-0369
Music Peter Madcat Ruth www.madcatmusic.net
Music Ruby John (singer) https://www.facebook.com/ruby.john.73
Music Susan O'Rourke www.smokinsleddogrecords.com
Music Tashsa Stielstra www.smokinsleddogrecords.com
Music Ziggie Zydeco www.gigsalad.com/zydeco_ziggie_the_bayou_blasters_sagin
Music & Stories Bob & Audrey Allison www.thestorytellers.org
Music & Stories Patrick Ball www.patrickball.com
Music (Percussion) David Hall marimbaman@comcast.net
Music/Exercise Kevin Kammeraad www.kevinkammeraad.com
Musical Spoons & Comedy Jim Krzewski www.getspooned.com
Nature Sara Rutgers www.naturecenter.org
Storyteller Jennifer Strauss http://storybetold.com
Theater Acting Up Theatre Chad Patterson http://www.actingup.biz/chad.html