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Mid-Michigan Library League

Transparent Language Online

How to access Transparent Language Online (TLO)

Transparent Language Online (TLO) is a language learning resource provided by Mid-Michigan Library League.

To access TLO, use this URL (point to this on your library website):

  • 110+ languages (and growing!): Whether it's Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, or English, if they want it, we've (probably) got it. See available languages.
  • Customized learning path: Placements tests let learners see recommended courses and lessons for their level, or they choose their own content.
  • Focus on a specific skill: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all part of the language puzzle. Learners can pick any skills-based learning activity, select their desired vocabulary, and instantly launch a custom lesson.
  • Learn on the go: At the library, at home, and everywhere in between, access to lessons is possible on almost any device, including full-feature mobile apps for iOS and Android™ tablets and phones.

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Customized, printable files for MMLL libraries:

Getting Started flyer

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