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Mid-Michigan Library League

Legal Assistance

Each member library is granted one hour of legal assistance with Anne Seurynck of Foster Swift Attorneys.

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Anne Seurynck

New service of the cooperative:

Each member library will have ONE HOUR of legal services provided by Foster Swift Attorneys paid for by the Mid-Michigan Library League.  Before using this service, your library needs to establish a client-attorney relationship by completing this form letter and having it approved by your Board of Trustees.  

NOTE:  NO CHARGE will ever be assessed if you do not contact them for any reason.  The letter is about establishing a relationship so that IF you need to use your hour (or any more), you will have established this ahead of time so you can go forward with service.

To use your hour of paid legal service after you have established a relationship with Foster Swift, you may proceed to contact Anne Seurynck, schedule your time with her, and let her know that you will be using the Mid-Michigan Library League benefit hour.You may opt to spend more time than the one hour awarded by the cooperative if you like.  The FY24 hourly rate for reimbursement is $245.  We ask that you pay your invoice, and then ask the cooperative for reimbursement.  If you are unsure about any of this, contact your cooperative director (Jennifer Balcom at

Reimbursement Form & Instructions (Word)

Reimbursement Form & Instructions (PDF)