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Mid-Michigan Library League

MMLL Mini- Grant Program

Timegrant funding opportunities.jpg to apply for a grant!  It is easy and quick and many MMLL libraries have been funded!  Use the forms above to apply.  Here is the timeline for both rounds of the program for FY21 (Oct 2020 - Sept 2021):


  • Program Announced ……………………………………October 28, 2020
  • Application Due Date ………………………………….December 11, 2020
  • Award Announced ……………………….………………January 11, 2021
  • Project Implementation ……………………..……..1/11/21 – 5/14/21
  • Reimbursement Request Due Date ……………..May 21, 2021


  • Program Announced …………………………………….February 1, 2021
  • Application Due Date ……………………………………February 19, 2021
  • Award Announced ………………………….…………….March 5, 2021
  • Project Implementation ……………………..……..3/5/21 – 9/10/21
  • Reimbursement Request Due Date ……..……..September 17, 2021

NOTE:  All applications received by the due date will be considered equally.  Please TYPE your application and include any pertinent support documents.  ***SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO THE CO-OP OFFICE (email, snail mail, fax, carrier pigeon...)*** - GOOD LUCK!

FY21 Program Overview

FY21 Library Service Expansion & Mini-Grant Program Scoring Rubric

FY21 Reimbursement Form and Instructions (pdf)

FY21 Reimbursement Form and Instructions (Word)


Bellaire Public Library – Event - $250 - Funding toward the purchase 50 paperback copies of Bellaire Reads title as part of total program (includes discussion panel and speaker) cost of $1,059.50

Big Rapids Community Library – Project - $1,000 - Create an early literacy program for ages 2-5 by creating A-Z kits to spotlight a letter each week with activities for letter recognition and gross motor skills.

Central Lake District Library – Project - $250 - Half the cost of starting a Book Buddy program.  Funding would purchase books, games and other things that go with the theme of the book

Cadillac Wexford, Mesick Branch Library – Project - $1,000 - Expand/improve the children's collection at the Mesick branch of CWPL.  Display shelving ($350) and books ($650) will be purchased.

Evart Public Library – Project - $1,000 - Purchase shelving unit for the large print section.  Demco ($1,107.50) - library covers the excess.

Leland Township Library – Event - $200 - Pay for facilitation fee (Norm Wheeler) for online discussion group discussing The Nickel Boys.  They will purchase books for $120

LeRoy Community Library – Project - $850 - Partial funding of $1,500 project to reorganize library.  Funds would be used to purchase high quality signage and display structures

Luther Area Public Library – Project - $965 - Replace failing public computers with 3 new computers and external hard drive to backup staff computers.  Work by Emergency Geek - overage paid by library

Manistee County Library – Project - $1,000 - Informational postcard creation and mailing to every household to inform residents of library services

McBain Community Library – Project - $1,000 - Replace (2) old computers with new computers and monitors.  Total project is $1,200

Morton Township Public Library - Project - $360 - Help cover cost of monthly data fee for 3 T-Mobile hot spots that circulate to patrons.  Covers January - May

Pathfinder Community Library – Project - $600 - Purchase HDMI LCD projector, screen, and wireless/Bluetooth speaker system for programs and presentations.  Total cost $730 plus shipping.

Reed City Area District Library – Project - $476 - New barcode scanner and external hard drive to have more efficient data storage and scanning hardware.

Richland Township Library – Project - $1,000 - Cover majority of cost for a one-year contract covering three (3) T-Mobile hot spots with 4G unlimited service (total program cost $1058.40)

Shelby Area District Library – Project - $330 - Purchase an all-in-one printer for Local History Room that can make high quality scans and copies for cataloging and usage

Walton Erickson Public Library – Event - $250 - Cover partial cost of summer reading program (June 2021) "Fairytale Adventures" - workshop kits.  Total cost is $371.68 - balance covered by library operating funds

White Pine District Library – Project - $418 - Cover the cost of an Ellison die cutting/embossing machine, two sets of sure cut die packs, and a storage rack - all to be used for storytime make & take projects

Total Round 1 Funded Projects:  $10,949

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $



Bellaire Public Library - $1,000 - Replace two circulation desktop computers.  They are working with PC Doctors of Northern Michigan and have a quote.

Benzonia Public Library - $250 - Offset costs to send staff member to the Beginning Workshop May 13-15, 2020.

Chase Township Public Library - $236 - Ploud website annual fee plus mileage and lunch for travel to Ploud training in Cadillac in May.

Glen Lake Community Library - $1,000 - Purchase four new public access computers for use in the new renovated library, opening in late May or early June (total cost $3,200 - balance to be requested from Friends group).

Hart Area Public Library - $1,000 - Purchase two of the eight replacement computers needed, as old ones run Windows 7.  Total cost $4,000, the rest from library budget.

LeRoy Community Library - $250 - Offset costs to send director to the Loleta Fyan Small & Rural Libraries Conference April 13-15, 2020.

Luther Area Public Library - $1,000 - Purchase another four new public access computers, 2 adult and 2 teen, to replace failing computers.     

McBain Community Library - $250 - Subsidize cost of summer reading program with Jenifer Strauss of Story Be Told on June 7, 2020.

Morton Township Public Library - $160 - Purchase 8 annual passes ($20 each) to Dow Gardens/Whiting Forest to be "checked out" by patrons.  (Not in MAP program, but advance permission acquired.)

Pathfinder Community Library - $800 - Purchase laptop computer and MS Office for the director/assigned staff to use for administration, board meetings, community programs and presentations, and grant writing. $800

Pentwater Township Library - $600 - Support of 1/3 the cost of education materials and supplies to go along with 2020 summer reading theme "Imagine Your Story" used in the summer and then throughout the year in storytime.

Richfield Township Public Library - $150 - Half the cost of a summer reading program wrap-up "Wonder Reader" with Joel Tacey, 8/14/20.

Richland Township Library - $885 - Update 15 patron computers with Windows 10 and MS Office.  Pricing from Tech Soup. 

Walton Erickson Public Library - $250 - Subsidize summer reading kickoff program with Gordon Russ on June 30, 2020.

White Pine District Library - $250 - Subsidize summer reading programs for two different age groups with Todd Avery - the Wacky Wizard.


Alden District Library.  One Time Cost.  Subsidy for cost of registration, lodging, and travel for the director to attend the Public Library Association conference in Nashville.  She received a $1,600 ALA grant, total cost is around $2,500 - remaining to be paid by library.  AWARD:  $250

Benzonia Public Library.  Project Support.  Funding to replace their 8-year-old public access computers that are outdated.  The two oldest would cost $1,650 to replace.  Friends group will cover the $650.  AWARD:  $1,000

Betsie Valley District Library.  One Time Cost.  Send three staff members to the Loleta Fyan Small and Rural Libraries Conference in April 2020.  AWARD:  $250

Chase Township Public Library.  One Time Cost.  Payment of pro-rated amount for new Ploud website hosted by Enfold Systems December 2019 to June 2020.  AWARD:  $125

Leelanau Township Library.  Project Support.  Purchase two large "magbrowz" display bins to create a face-out browsing area for children's DVDs to improve access to collection.  AWARD:  $440

Leland Township Public Library.  Project Support.  Purchase one desktop public access computer.  They purchased 2 from their budget, 3 are funded by a donation, one requested from MMLL grant.  Total cost for six $3,120.  AWARD:  $520

LeRoy Community Library.  Project Support.  Renovation of circulation desk (total cost is $2,000).  The donated desk needs updates for technology and patron interaction space.  AWARD:  $1,000

Luther Area Public Library.  Project Support.  Purchase four new public access computers for adult area, moving replaced ones to teen area that has failing equipment.  Complete cost with installation by Emergency Geek.  AWARD:  $1,000

McBain Community Library.  One Time Cost.  Help cover books and author visit for the annual Battle of the Books Program.  Total cost is $1,000, library will cover balance.  AWARD:  $250

Richfield Township Public Library.  Project Support.  Enhance the newly established YA area with PlayAway audiobooks and comfortable seating.  AWARD:  $935

White Pine District Library.  One Time Cost.  Send two staff members to the Loleta Fyan Small & Rural Libraries Conference in April.  Expected cost is $705.  They will cover the rest.  AWARD:  $250

Total Awards for Round One, 2020:  $6,020


FY19 Round Two funded projects:


FY19 Round One funded projects:

  • Alden District Library ($998) - Replace two patron desktop computers with refurbished models from TechSoup
  • Bellaire Public Library ($790) - Audio/Video - ceiling mounted projector and additional sound system speaker
  • Benzonia Public Library ($250) - Offset cost of staff member to attend Beginning Workshop
  • Evart Public Library ($600) - Purchase of two barcode scanners to assist with MeLCat transactions
  • LeRoy Community Library ($400) - Install tablet look-up station for patrons to access catalog, MeLCat and other resources
  • Luther Area Public Library ($174) - Room cost and registration for Small Libraries, Big Impact attendance by Lois Langenburg
  • McBain Community Library ($250) - Books and other expenses for Battle of the Books program (t-shirts, ribbons, author visit, etc.)
  • Pathfinder Community Library ($250*see note below) - Summer reading 2019 program with the Storytellers, providing access to music, stories and parables from world cultures
  • Richland Township Library ($250) - Summer reading 2019 program with Joel's Astro Reader Magical Comedy Show
  • Shelby Area District Library ($500) - Educational, family-friendly and new release DVDs to enhance library collection
  • White Pine District Library ($250) - Summer reading 2019 program with Zeemo Productions
Round One total funding:  $4,712.15

Awarded libraries from FY18:

  • Alden District Library $278
  • Bellaire Public Library $750
  • Hart Area Public Library $250
  • Leelanau Township Library $400
  • Luther Area Public Library $850
  • McBain Community Library $250
  • Morton Township Public Library $250
  • Pentwater Township Library $650
  • Richfield Township Public Library $250
  • Richland Township Library $200
  • Seville Township Library $250



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